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Brian Blades
College: Miami
Acquired: Drafted Round 2 1988

"It is never easy to tell a great warrior that you are moving in another direction, but that time has come. We wish Brian the very best, and even though he will no longer be wearing a Seahawks uniform, he will always be a member of this family." -- Coach Mike Holmgren

I was sitting right here at my computer when I heard the news. It was half time of an Aussie Rules football game between the Richmond Tigers and the Hawthorn Hawks when my friend Leigh, a Seahawks fan from Australia, sent me a web page stating that Brian Blades had been cut from the Seahawks' roster. It was 12:38 am CST.

I can't tell you how sad I was.

I have this thing about loyalty to our players. Brian has been part of the Seahawks since he was drafted in the first round in 1988. How many times have we counted on him to give us that chance at a comeback, to cinch the victory, and to make our dreams soar? He's always been there...well, it seems that way. He's the only Seahawk still on the roster from the 1988 playoff team.

In recent years we've seen his role as a receiver lessen. I remember so many times last season when I'd get excited, jumping from my chair, because Blades was on the field again! Oh how I wanted the play to go to him so I could see him make the catch like he's done so many times before!

I remember going to a game in Kansas City a couple of years ago. I was standing above the tunnel that the players walk through to get to the field. There weren't many Seahawk fans around but there were plenty of Chief fans wanting autographs. Several players signed, but it was Blades who kept signing...and signing...and signing...and signing. I remember that he talked to the fans, laughed with them, and lit up the eyes of the children with whom he spoke. I didn't get Brian's autograph that day but I stood back watching with amazement as he was so congenial with fans...so classy...such a hero!

Another fond memory I have of Brian is when his brother signed on with the Seahawks! What a thrill for us to get to see both brothers wearing the Silver, Blue and Green, and what fun it must have been for them to get to play together on the same team!

Benny's no longer a Seahawk and it appears as though Brian's days in Seattle are over as well. That makes it a very sad day in my heart.

If you feel the same way I do, that Brian deserves a special tribute page, send me your stories. Tell me what you remember about Brian, what you liked about him, why he should be inducted into the Seahawks Ring of Honor when he retires from NFL football. I'll post your stories here and keep the page on-line indefinitely as our tribute to a respected Seahawk player, Brian Blades.

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