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The Unofficial Selection Committee is the unofficial voice of ordinary Seahawks fans. Our only serious claim to this title is that we thought of it first and put it on the Net before anyone else did.

We come from many places and backgrounds. Some of us were there from the 1976 season and some came to the Seahawks much later. But we have all passed the ultimate rigorous selection test: we can't help believing in this team.

We have cheered and cried when they did. We have felt the team's joys and pains. We have called them family without being embarrassed. We have bled for the colors.

We have paid ridiculous prices for lousy stadium food and terrible seats. We have been rained on, abused, and pelted by those sad enough not to believe in this team. We have silly souvenirs and tacky memorabilia because they mean memories of happy days. We went there, did that and bought the T shirt.

We reached out just to say a word of encouragement or to touch a jersey, not because these men are superior beings but because they were our boys for that one special moment.

This is the only requirement to join the Committee. We are happy to invite anyone who'd like to join in to drop us a line. The only joining fee is your passion for the Seahawks.

The principal duties of the Committee are to assess the annual candidates for induction to the Almost Hall. The Supreme Executive of the Committee (ie She Who Runs This Website) will organise the process each season.

The other mandatory duties are to believe and to share your passion for the Seahawks - politely - to anyone you want whenever you feel like it.

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