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1976 Players
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Welcome to our Spirit site, THE place to come to celebrate the birth of the 1976 Seattle Seahawks!

The following pages tell us who the pioneers are and what they did for the club. We're going far beyond stats to tell you the stories of who these men were; their histories on and off the field; their successes, their struggles. You'll find pictures, newspaper stories, game recaps, letters from fans, and sometimes even messages we've received from the players themselves!

No matter how much (or how little) success the players achieved, they're all original 1976 Seahawks -- the men who built this team -- and we think that's worthy of honor!

The Spirit of '76 is only as good as the history we unveil, so please drop us a line. Share your memories of the team, your experiences in the stadium, your friendship with the players long after their football careers have ended. Your input is wanted and needed! If you're a former player or a family member of a player, we would love to hear from you! We respect off-the-record comments, though with your permission we'd love to post your comments. Thanks for being our heroes!

1976 Seahawks team

1976 Seattle Seahawks
Date Opponent ResultScore
08/01/1976 49ers @ Seahawks L 27-20
08/07/1976 Bears @ Seahawks L 27-16
08/14/1976 Rams @ Seahawks L16-13
08/21/1976 Seahawks @ Broncos L 52-7
08/29/1976 Chargers @ Seahawks W 17-16
09/04/1976 Seahawks @ Raiders L 45-28
Regular Season
Date Opponent ResultScore
09/12/1976 Cardinals @ Seahawks L 30-24
09/19/1976 Seahawks @ Redskins L 31-7
09/26/1976 49ers @ Seahawks L 37-21
10/03/1976 Cowboys @ Seahawks L 28-13
10/10/1976 Seahawks @ Packers L 27-20
10/17/1976 Seahawks @ Buccaneers W 13-10
10/24/1976 Lions @ Seahawks L 41-14
10/31/1976 Seahawks @ Rams L 45-6
11/07/1976 Falcons @ Seahawks W 30-13
11/14/1976 Seahawks @ Vikings L 27-21
11/21/1976 Saints @ Seahawks L 51-27
11/28/1976 Seahawks @ Giants L 28-16
12/05/1976 Bears @ Seahawks L 34-7
12/12/1976 Seahawks @ Eagles L 27-10
Special Seahawks Features
Special Feature: The A to Z of the 1976 Seahawks