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Unvy? What's Unvy?

Once in a while, you run across a player, a story, a circumstance, etc., that feels, well, different. Something jumps out at you as unique. Special. Worth remembering. I'm not sure how else to describe it.

That happened a few years ago when I read an article about Eric Unverzagt, 1996 draft pick of the Seattle Seahawks. He was explaining the translation of his name, and how his friends/fellow players had shortened it to "Unvy". He likened the nickname to the fact that he doesn't get worried, he just works hard and let's the rest take care of itself. He's "Unvy". It's an attitude. I liked it then; I like it now!

I guess it was the way that he told the story, or maybe it was the way I could relate to his telling of the story, but "Unvy" as a verb became a regular part of my vocabulary. Lest it be forgotten, I'm putting it here, along with other stories of former players and player personnel who have touched us in a special way. This isn't the page for just anyone, and it's not a page for Hall of Famers. These are the good guys; the stand-outs in life that we don't want to forget.

If you have an unvy story, drop us a line and we'll post it on this page! We're always looking for a little more unvy!!

In the meantime, we hope you'll read these stories and share some special memories of these players we respect.