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Ken McAlister

Anyone who knows me know that I love the stories of the underdog who comes in and does the unexpected. Give me a good come-from-behind/beat-the-odds story and I'll swoon all night long! Ken McAlister is one of those stories!

Ken McAlister came into the league without any experience! He miraculously went on to play 5 years in the NFL, from 1982-1987, for Seattle, San Francisco, and Kansas City.

(Note: Total Football does not show that he played in 1985.)

Source: Norm Evans' Seahawk Report, Vol. 4, No. 13, Sept.27 – October 3, 1982
One of the more interesting stories this year concerns Ken McAlister, a free agent from the University of San Francisco. McAlister, strictly a basketball player at USF, reported to Cheney this season and was given practically no chance to make the team due to his lack of football experience. McAlister, who admitted he knew nothing of formations and plays, was stationed initially at left outside linebacker, but after a few weeks he was shifted to safety. While dozens of veterans, draft choices and free agents were trimmed from the roster, McAlister somehow managed to stick. Now he is a member of the Seahawks’ special teams and part of their 45-man active roster. Anyone who can come into a pro camp with no collegiate experience and make the team has to be a magnificent natural athlete.