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2013 Richmond Tigers Round Review

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Round 16: Richmond 6.17.53 - Gold Coast Suns 6.8.44

We traveled to Queensland with something to prove. We suffered that humiliating defeat last week, and we faced the bugaboo of never haven beaten the young Suns. I was very concerned in the first quarter despite the commentators telling us that the first quarter was a Richmond win. That wind they kept talking about must have been fierce, which surely played to the advantage of the Suns not only in direction but in experience playing on that field. The commentators assured us that Richmond would have the benefit in the second quarter, and indeed we did. I don't know that I've ever seen anything quite like that, at least not with such definitive force.

The game was tight all the way to the end but I think the turning point was when Riewoldt kicked a crazy goal from a ridiculous angle in that swirling wind. There was no way that ball was going to peel back to stay within the goal posts and yet it did! That was FUN! I also think we can hold our own in a bad weather game.

Our finals hopes are still alive, Tiger Faithful!

Round 17: Richmond 12.12.84 - Fremantle 8.9.57

For some reason, we missed the opening few minutes of this game due to a glitch in the pay-per-view service to the US. I was just about to give up on the download when it finally appeared. By the time the game began, we'd missed two goals and a behind. I understand Jack Riewoldt came out on fire, and I'll take that, even if I didn't get to see it!

This wasn't a do or die game for our finals hope, but it was a game that would help us along the journey if we could win. Freo is a good team so it speaks loudly of our Tigers to be able to get this win. Jack kicked four goals, and Coach Hardwick had some very positive things to say about the leaders of this team.

Well done!

Round 18: Sydney Swans 16.14.110 - Richmond 9.9.63

Yes, we got spanked. No one thought we'd come out and beat up on the Swans. We didn't go into this game with swagger and an unrealistic attitude; we knew it would be a tough game and it certainly was. BUT ... we held our own early in the game. We were ahead for quite some time, and even when we fell behind we were able to tie it up again. Yes, we ran out of steam. Yes, the Swans were playing their A-game. Yes, they're a better side than we are. We knew that going into the game. I still think we have much to be proud of in this game.

My concern goes out to Vickery who was carted off on a stretcher. At the time of this writing I have not heard how he fared, so thoughts and prayers are with him.

We have another tough game coming up that will be very difficult to win. No one said the home stretch is an easy one. Rough couple of weeks, and I hope the Tigers can hold their heads high and learn from the difficult games.

Go Tiges!

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