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2013 Richmond Tigers Round Review

Rounds 1-5 | Rounds 6-10 | Rounds 11-15

Round 11: Richmond Bye

Round 12: Richmond 16.14.110 - Adelaide Crows 10.12.72

Ah, now this is the way to win a game! Deledio, affectionately named Lids by faithfuls, roamed around alone for the better part of the first half. As a novice viewer, I don't exactly know what that means except that it was a huge mistake for Adelaide and perhaps accounted for a nice lead for the Tigers. The commentary team remarked on it frequently with shock so good on Deledio for some nice play!

The surprise to me was the raining of goals by Dustin (Dusty) Martin. Four goals to Martin, including one he may have snatched from Shane Edwards. Edwards had both hands out ready to scoop in the ball when Martin flew in from the side and snagged the footy, subsequently kicking the goal. Edwards surely felt slighted but in the end it was a goal and that's the important thing.

So our Tigers are back in the top 8 and looking good. We clearly have faults and there are plenty of areas where we need to lift our game but we have to be getting some confidence, and believing in ourselves makes a difference in big games.

Go the Tiges!

Round 13: Western Bulldogs 8.13.61 - Richmond 17.19.121

Finally, we got a game that we could put away early enough to be able to relax! Proud of you, Tigers!

I could get used to this kind of scoreboard. I still see plenty of weaknesses in our Tigers, but this is a game we were supposed to win, and there are plenty of times that we don't win the 'winable' games. To use an NFL term, "any given Sunday" any team can win.

Well done, Tigers! A final berth is looking imminent!

Round 14: Richmond 17.17.119 - St Kilda 8.7.55

We did it again!!! Goooooooo Richmond!!! Some people live for the thrill of a close match, and of course there's nothing like winning a tight game but these wide swings are so much easier on my heart!

Riewoldt kicked 8 times for goal, of which 3 went through. As much as I'd like to complain about that, I can't argue with a score that put us out in the lead so far! Another well done match, Tiges!

Round 15: North Melbourne 19.14.128 - Richmond 8.18.66

Ah, time for a serving of humble pie. We not only got beaten, we were anhiliated. "Easily their worst performance of the season", the papers read. No doubt about that.

I kept wanting to believe that we were going to turn it around any moment but the simple fact is that we had nothing in our aresenal. We were thoroughly spanked by a side that isn't supposed to be that good. Best to put this one behind us and head to Gold Coast with something to prove.

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