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WHO are you?

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! Who am I, you ask? My name is Becky, I reside in the center of the United States, I loooooove the Richmond Tigers, and I get to see EVERY game this year thanks to the new international subscription package!

I also love the NFL's Seattle Seahawks. I'm an avid reader, know my way around the kitchen, am passionate/obsessed with photography (snap!), enjoy traveling, like a variety of music, and think friends and family are AWESOME!

Yeah, but what are you doing on Punt Road?

Many years ago when the Internet was fledgling, I started a web page for my beloved Seattle Seahawks. There weren't many Seahawks sites at that time so if you did a search, you were likely to come across mine. I met a lot of people in those early years, one of whom was Australian. An Australian Seahawks fan! Who'd have guessed?! (I have since discovered that there are several of you out there!)

We chatted up Seahawks for a while and became friends, and all the while he was filling my head with utterly absurd notions about something he called footy. It so happened that the Grand Final was about to be broadcast live in the States, he went to the time and effort to find out when and where it would be broadcast and he shared that information with me. I agreed to give it a go, more out of politeness and curiosity than real interest. The rest is history. Seriously, it is such a great game!

How long have you had this affliction?

I'm not really sure but for the sake of argument, let's say I've been a footy fan since 1997. I listen to the live audio broadcasts when I can. I watch video replays when they arrive in my mailbox, though in 2013 I'll be able to stream them LIVE and on demand from the Internet. Oh, blessed technology! How I love thee!

I read footy books and watch footy movies. I've gone to US Footy games when they're within driving distance (3 hours to Kansas City). I've been to an Aussie/Kiwi Pub in Seattle to watch the Grand Final live with ex-pat Australians and I've mingled at the Aussie-American Chamber of Commerce party in San Francisco during the Grand Final. I do my best to brainwash other Yanks so I'll have someone(s) to share my love of footy! My American friends Karyn and Craig have become Collingwood supporters (boo! hiss!), mostly because Karyn likes saying "Go the Pies!". I forgive them because they're willing to indulge my footy whims.

That's it. That's my story. If you want to know more, I invited you to visit my Seahawks site. You're also welcome to drop me a line to introduce yourself and say hi! I feel obligated to say that I'm busy, or maybe just lazy (!) so if I don't respond to your message immediately, don't think I'm not interested! I respond to all my messages eventually! Really, I do! :-)

Have a great day and ... go the Tiges!

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