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2013 with Cotchin, Deledio, Nahas, and Maric

A few years ago I picked a player, or two, to follow throughout the season. I haven't had time to do that in recent years but thought I might give it a shot this year. On the advice of a friend, I've chosen four players to spotlight. Let's see how they do throughout the season. Keep in mind that the comments are coming from one who doesn't know the nuances of the game! I'm still a newbie!

Round 1

Commentary on Deledio was relatively quiet throughout the game, even though he kicked three goals. Deledio, Maric and Cotchin were listed as best on ground.

Nahas received the most negative facetime during the game, which I found oddly fascinating. He was a substitute coming in during the fourth quarter, and the commentary team gave him quite a spray for not appearing interested when it seemed he might be needed on the field. Shortly thereafter he did indeed come out on the field and promptly dropped an easy-ish mark at a time when the Tigers needed to retain possession of the ball. I don't know the game well enough to know if he deserved a spray or not, but the attention he drew for his actions was certainly plentiful. I wouldn't think he'd be pleased to find out about that after the game.

Round 2

Coach Hardwick says it best: "I thought Cotchin, Deledio, Riewoldt, all our leaders were huge in the last quarter and got the game back on our terms a little bit."

Cotchin and Deledio were listed as best on ground, and Maric kicked one goal.

Nahas was not on the field for this week's game. I wonder if it had anything to do with the negative press he received in Round 1.

Round 3

Cotchin had 36 disposals, and Deledio had 27 touches and 3 goals in a game that we dominated from the start! Maric ended up with one goal and was named Best on Ground along with Deledio.

Again, we did not see Nahas on the field this week.

Round 4

Cotchin made headlines this week as the "most damaging player to three quarter time", with 24 touches and three tackles. Maric kicked one goal, and Nahas did not play again this week.

Cotchin and Deledio were named Best on Ground this week.

Round 5

Cotchin was named Best on Ground this week; Maric had a good game.

Nahas was named as an emergency player for this week and saw some time on the field towards the end of the game replacing Brad Helbig. He copped a bit of commentary that suggested he'd been in Richmond's doghouse. I was glad to see him back on the field for this game. Hopefully that bit is behind us.

Round 6

Maric was hobbling around for the better part of the game, obviously playing through pain but put in a good game in spite of it. Cotchin was named Best on Ground this week but will sit out next week due to the Round 5 injury he suffered. Deledio's performance was not noteworthy, however he will be named as captain for next week's game since Cotchin will be resting his injury. Nahas did not play this week though he has been named to next week's team.

Round 7

It was nice to see Nahas back in the game. Every time he has the ball the commentary teams have to remind us how he fell out of favor at Richmond this year. I'm getting a little tired of hearing that. He kicked one goal and played well.

Cotchin was out of the game with an injury and was missed on the field. Deledio was named one of the Best on Ground this week.

Round 8

Maric was out of the game with an injury, but Cotchin was back in this week. One of the best goals of the game was set up by Jake King who could have tried a goal but went the team route by getting the ball to Nahas instead who kicked the "sure thing". So good to see that team effort.

Deledio was listed as one of the Best on Ground, and also kicked one goal.

Round 9

Best on Ground, you ask? Of the six named on the website, not one is a player I'm following this year. In fact the names are not the usual players: Rance, Grigg, Chaplin, Vlastuin, Newman and Jackson. Interesting, isn't it? We'll chalk this embarrassing loss up to "one of those games" and hope for a much improved performance next round.

Round 10

Deledio and Cotchin were listed as best on ground. Deledio in particular was given rave reviews after the game, stating 25 disposals and 84% efficiency. (OK, I admit, I don't know what 84% efficiency means.)

Nahas did not play.

Round 11

Richmond bye week.

Round 12

Deledio and Cotchin were named Best on Ground, and Cotchin had one goal to his credit. Probably the most amazing thing in this game regarding these players is that Deledio was not covered by a defender for the better part of the first half. Cotchin is playing with an injury, and Nahas did not play.

Round 13

Cotchin kicked one goal and Deledio was listed as Best on Ground. Nahas did not play.

Round 14

Cotchin was listed as Best on Ground, and the media reports stated that he was in good form after his injuries. Deledio kicked two goals in this lopsided victory.

Round 15

The less said about this game, the better. Cotchin was listed as Best on Ground; Nahas didn't play, nor did Maric due to injury. Deledio was shut down effectively. This game wasn't one for the books.

Round 16

Deledio and Cotchin were both listed as best on ground in this thrilling win midst the wind and the rain. I'm so proud of the whole team today for coming back after last week's startling defeat. Maric was back on the ground today and I thought he played a great game.

Round 17

Cotchin put in an excellent performance in this victory over Freo, with 34 possessions, Best on Ground and one goal. Deledio also played well and got one goal. Nahas didn't play.

Round 18

I was a little disappointed with Maric this game. I know he's coming back from an injury but I didn't feel that he played his best this week when we needed him. I thought Deledio (and others) would have had a better game if other players on the field had offered more support. Cotchin was listed as Best on Ground. Nahas did not play.

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