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Too much hair

Dressed for Success?

Looks like...?

Fans, too!

Submit stuff!

Who are they and what were they thinking?


If you would like to offer a photo for submission, please let us know! We cannot publish all entries but we will do the best we can to get your ideas represented on this page.

If you submit photographs, please let us know where you found them so we can give credit to the photographers.

  • Submit big hair, unruly beards, funny moustaches, etc.
  • Submit funny clothing, dated backgrounds, etc.
  • Submit famous look alikes, cartoons, twins, etc.
  • Submit crazy fan pics!
  • Remove my photo from your site, please.

Why?  Just why?
We want your stuff!
If you find stuff that fits into any of these categories, we want to know! Send it to us! Send a picture. Tell us who it is. Give it a caption. Tell us your name. That's it!

Source: Oh, and please include sources so we can give credit where credit is due!

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