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Too much hair

Dressed for Success?

Looks like...?

Fans, too!

Submit stuff!

Who are they and what were they thinking?

It's all in good fun!
We're going to take a look at life in the context of football spanning 30 years! We're not looking to mock or ridicule anyone, rather we're looking to ourselves to have some laughs!

Ads & Cartoons!
You've got to see it to believe it! I wonder if any of these had the NFL Seal of Approval - I'm pretty sure they wouldn't fly in our politically correct world! In any case, Sammy Seahawk should never be forgotten whether he's hungover or soaring!

Big Hair, Beards & Pain!
And how they've changed! For better, for worse, you decide! Fans, players and coaches alike are eligible for this display of 30 years of twisted, beaded, braided hair, sideburns, short shorts, and pained expressions! If it's ugly, outdated or just plain weird, it's here.

We wear short shorts!
And pink shirts! And flying ties! Oh, the things we've done in the name of publicity! We've got calendars and newspaper ads and magazine covers, oh my! This is the best of the worst fashion in Seahawks history. Look and learn, future generations!

Seahawks Charades
Two players, one look! Have you ever seen a Seahawk and thought he looked just like someone else? We have, and it's right here! We need your help on this section! Do you know a player who resembles someone famous? Send us your submissions for this section of our site!

YOU are not immune!
Got your attention, didn't I?! If we can find shots of YOU, we'll put you here, too! #12 has been a workhorse for our Seahawks, and it wouldn't be right to overlook the fans! (I've even included myself -- gulp!)

Why?  Just why?
You've done it, too!
Big glasses, too much hair, purple flares, and lime green body shirts! You probably even listened to some really bad music!

Whether it's bad technology, bad style, bad taste or bad news, we're on the lookout for it! We're here to celebrate the best and worst of 30 years of Seahawks football, fashion and faux pas!

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