The Beginning:
"They’re going to make you proud. They’re going to make our fans proud.” -- Coach Mora

The First Season:
Watch the 2009 season unfold with Coach Mora at the helm.

Ushering in the New Era: Welcome Coach Mora!

2009 ushers in a new coaching era! We welcome Coach Mora to the Seattle Seahawks. He's got big shoes to fill, as Coach Holmgren turned the organization around, bringing respect and championship trophies to Seattle!

Fans, we want to hear from you! Send us your thoughts on Coach Mora! Let's give him a Seahawks Wave of good wishes!

From the Players

Julian Peterson (played for Mora in San Francisco)
Obviously, it’s going to be a little more different personality. Jim’s a little fiery, a little younger and moves from sideline to sideline a little faster than Coach [Holmgren]. But other than that, it’s still going to be getting back to work and guys getting ready to play. And I’m pretty sure they’re going to be getting us back to where we need to go.

Patrick Kerney (played for Mora in Atlanta)
Jim, being hands-on, is very high energy. And when I say that he’s demanding, when we’re running from drill to drill at a pretty high tempo, he’s right there running with us. And when a guy works with you, you just want to work harder for him. And it’s something I had fun with in Atlanta, and I look forward to embracing that here. You don't just jog to the next drill, it's a three-quarter run to the next drill. Defensively, he charts effort on every snap of every practice, for every little detail of your effort towards getting to the ball for every position on the field. Like I've told guys, Make sure [you're in] great shape when you get back.

Marcus Trufant (played for Mora in Seattle)
He loves the game, he loves coaching, and he loves being around the game of football. I think that's going to kind of trickle down to the team — his excitement, his enthusiasm. He's out there on the practice field. He's running around. He's throwing the ball around. He's having fun.

Justin Griffith (played for Mora in Atlanta)
He is what you call an NFL coach, man. I wouldn't say that he's always the nice guy, and I wouldn't say that he's always the mean guy. He's just got that thing — whatever that thing is — that makes him a good coach.

From Coach Mora

I believe in attacking and being aggressive, and playing with a bit of a stinger. That’s what we’re going to do. Attacking doesn’t always mean blitzing. It doesn’t always mean sending extra guys. It’s a style. It’s an attitude. It’s an emphasis. It’s a passion. And it is also, at times, bringing extra people to affect the quarterback.

While I’ve learned great lessons from Mike that I’ll apply as I move forward, I think the important thing is that I’m true to my core values. My beliefs, and my passions. And that’s what I intend to do.

Our defense is going to play on their toes. They’re going to play in your face. They’re going to play with energy. They’re going to play with passion. They’re going to play with relentless effort. They’re going to be situationally smart. They’re going to make you proud. They’re going to make our fans proud.

I’m a silver-lining guy by nature.

I've thought to myself how lucky I was to make the decision not to move immediately to a head-coaching position when I was released at Atlanta because I think all the lessons that I've learned have now had a chance to absorb.

"One of the things I really admired about Mike Holmgren as a football coach — besides the X's and O's — was the way he could be a caring and compassionate head football coach with the players, and yet still remain very much a figure of authority."


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