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A Christmas Gift from Mom!
By Debbi Cooper, Washington

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I just had to write and tell you of the experience my brother and I had in Denver for the Seahawks/Bronco game. Yes, we lost, but DANG it was an awesome time! We will forever be indebted to my Mom for giving this trip to us as a Christmas present!

We stayed in a very posh hotel called the Embassy had everything! 2 T.V.'s, a hair dryer, an iron, a coffee maker, a microwave, a refrigerator.....etc. We even had FREE breakfasts, and they were NOT continental was a full breakfast, banquet style!

We wore our Seahawks jackets the whole time while in Denver. Yes, we got stared at quite a bit, and heard whispers such as "Seahawks" and "Seattle", etc. Most of the people in the town were decent and asked us why we flew all the way to Denver to "watch the Hawks lose". We decided to "kill them with kindness" and just told them we knew the Broncos were good, and whether we won or lost, it was still going to be a good game!

Game day was so exciting! We couldn't BELIEVE we were going to be in Mile High watching our Hawks!! This is something we have dreamed about for over 10 years, and it was finally happening!!! We went down to breakfast at the hotel in FULL Seahawks garb, and EVERYONE stared and whispered. We didn't care.....we were proud to be Hawk fans! My Mom decided to get us to Mile High in style and had ordered a LIMO for us to take to the stadium. This thing was black, very shiny, and lonnnnnnng!! We had a bottle of champagne to toast the Hawks while we drove around! There was a 2-hour minimum, so we had the driver go through downtown Denver so we could see all the work that had been done there. It's a great-looking city! The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and it was about 50 degrees. PERFECT day for an outdoor game!

When we finally got to the stadium, we got out and had the driver take pictures of us next to the limo. Bronco fans were of course all looking and whispering, and a couple even said "verrrrry impressive!". As we walked up to the gate, the stares and laughter and "EWWWW! Seahawks fans!" were everywhere, but we just responded with "hey.... good luck today!" and smiled. Our seats were in level 5, CLEAR to the top, and on the walk up we saw only a few Hawk fans, but we all high-fived as we passed! Most of the Denver fans were nice and teased us some, but there were those few who said things like "Seahawks SUCK!" over and over, or things like "YUCK! Hawk fans". We just didn't look at them, and kept walking with our heads held high.

When we finally got to the TOP of the stadium where our seats were, we only noticed a couple other Seahawks-dressed fans. We waved and did our 'thumbs up' sign. However, we were lucky enough to sit by a really great Bronco fan and his son. He told us he had paid $85 EACH for those seats several months earlier. WOW! Talk about scalping!! He was fun through the whole game, and it made being there so much more pleasant. When our guys did something exciting, I would jump up yell for them and then suddenly remember where I was.......enemy territory........and sit down quickly as all the Bronco fans in front of me turned around and gave me dirty looks! After all, we DID want to get out of there ALIVE!! But ya know, sometimes the excitement was just too much and I'd forget where I was!

We had layered our clothes knowing it would be a nice day for the game. I had to go down to the restroom and take off my thermals before the game began because it was so warm! My brother and I actually got a little sunburned on our faces.....probably because we were up so high! During half-time I put my thermals back on, because the temperature dropped drastically in a short period of time. But we came prepared with gloves, scarves, hats, etc.!

When T.D. got his 2,000 yards, my brother and I clapped for him along with everyone else. It was, after all, a great record to have, no matter what team you play for! But.........when Elway got his 300th TD pass, we just couldn't bring ourselves to be happy for that one, ya know??? :-)

The 4th quarter was of course the best part of the game. Especially when we got TWO chances for an on-side kick! The guy next to me started sweating thinking "oh no......this COULD happen!" But.......we all know how it went. Still, the 28-21 score was nothing to be ashamed of! As we left the stadium, some fans were still being jerks by saying "Boooooo Seahawks" and things like that. We mostly just ignored them, but thought that was really uncalled for. I just wonder what the Bronco fans would have been like towards us HAD we won the game! ???

We took tons of pictures, and will have memories for a lifetime! All-in-all it was a wonderful experience!

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