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My Seahawks Story

By Bill Watson, Ohio

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I am an Ohio Seahawk. I first started liking the Seahawks when I was a kid because they have the best uniforms. Then with the great players like Steve Largent, Jim Zorn, and Curt Warner I was hooked.

On Saturday December 8, 1989 I was married. For a wedding gift, We were given two tickets to the Cincinnati vs. Seattle game the next day. My wife knowing how much I love the Seahawks, agreed to go to the game and then continue with our honeymoon. I am glad she did! I will never forget that game. Not only did Seattle win a great game but I also got to see Steve Largent make one of his classic catches in the back on the end zone!!! It was this catch, #100, that broke the NFL Career Touchdown Receptions record. And I was there!!!

Here it is ten years later and I am still a diehard Seahawk fan and my wife continues to put up with my 'Seahawk' addiction. She knows that every weekend from September till the end of the season I (with one of my jerseys on) will be sitting in front of the TV (with my little brother who is also a diehard Seahawk fan) cheering the Seahawks! I am a regular subscriber to the NFL Ticket because I could not stand missing most of the games. I know it sounds weird but if I don't watch the Seahawks and they lose, I feel that if I could have watched the game that maybe the outcome could have been different! I am looking forward to this season which could be their best season ever and possibly even a Super Bowl victory!!! GO SEAHAWKS!!!!






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