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Fan Challenge!

A few years ago I challenged Seahawks fans to ask themselves whether or not they're true fans. Not fair weather fans, but fans who stay with the team through thick and thin, through Gelbaugh and Mirer, through Patera and Knox, through Nordstroms and that last one! :-)

Fans reponded. They sent story after story after story about why they became fans and why they remain fans. We've received over a hundred stories and we want more!

Send your Seahawk stories to us and we'll post them here alongside the others! If you need some help getting started, try answering the questions below!

We want to hear from you!

I became a Seahawk fan because ...
My favorite all-time player is ...
I prefer [old] [new] colors and uniforms because ...
How many games have you attended?
How do you watch games if you don't/can't attend?
Which NFL team is your most favorite to despise?
Do you love Boz or hate Boz?
Have you ever called in sick because of a Seahawks game?
Anything else we should know. ... ?

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