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Are you a fan?

It's a serious question. Are you a real fan of the Seahawks?

We expect a lot out of our players. We want them to go out there each week to take pounding after pounding after pounding, always expecting them to be at their very best. Error free football. That's what we want. Every week. Defenders can't miss tackles, receivers can't drop balls, running backs must find the holes, and Quarterbacks ... well, they're never allowed to be mere human. Yes, the players are paid well to perform at a high level and we expect results.

So what about us, the fans? We're the ones who go out there and support our team. We buy the logo, we wear the apparel, we go to the games, we're there for our boys!

Aren't we?

We are often so quick to criticize the Seahawks. So my question is: Do the Seahawks know they have fans spread across the globe? Do they feel our support? Do we give them plenty of reasons to work their hardest and play their best? Don't let the players have any doubt!!! SHOW them you're a fan of the Seattle Seahawks!! If you're visiting this site, I know you've got terrific stories to tell! Maybe you know something about a player, maybe you went to a game or remember something spectacular about a play on TV, maybe there's a memorable moment in Seahawks history just waiting to be told, maybe a player did something charitable that affected you and/or your family! I know there are LOTS of Seahawk success stories out there!! LET'S HEAR THEM!!!!!

Send us your story about a great Seahawk experience and I'll post it right here! Choose your jersey icon -- new or old! Give me permission to post your e-mail address if you'd like other fans to contact you. Jump on the bandwagon NOW! This season is going to be an awesome season for Seahawks!!!!

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