The Beginning:
"They have embraced my approach ... in a manner in which they want to wipe the path clear and give me the clearest opportunity to bring everything that I have to offer. That's really what I was looking for, the trust and belief from the top of the organization." -- Seahawks Coach Carroll
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The First Year:
"We finally got something going and scored. Then we scored again. Then before you know it, we're getting out there and putting a good game together." -- Seahawks Coach Carroll
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The Second Year:
Out with Hasselbeck; in with Jackson.
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What's Being Said:
"If you know anything about me, you know I can't pass up this challenge." -- Seahawks Coach Carroll
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Welcome Coach Carroll!

Its a blast to be a Seahawk.

Is there anything else you really need to know about Coach Carroll?!?! :)

Seriously now, I didn't see this one coming!! The firing of Jim Mora after one season and the annoucement of Pete Carroll as the new Seahawks coach caught me completely off guard! Here we go - another new era just one year after the last coaching change!

While many people questioned Seahawks top management for hiring a coach before a GM, for firing Mora after one season while leading him to believe his job was secure, and for giving Pete Caroll a second chance in the NFL, not many are doubting his success in his first NFL draft. The fans are jubilant, the Seattle media is optimistic, and on a national front the Seahawks draft was rated highly.

    Source: Mel Kipper for ESPN
    NFL Draft Winners and Losers: Why the Seattle Seahawks Are the Biggest Winners
    Pete Carroll and the new Seahawks regime came out of the gates with a bang. Impact players early, value later, and some trades thrown in. And they were patient! Russell Okung lands in their laps at No. 6, Earl Thomas is there at No. 14. Golden Tate is still there at No. 60. All three can help the team not in a few years, but immediately. A swap netted the team LenDale White, who isn't remarkable, but it cost them nothing. Then, Seattle parlayed a fifth-rounder into Leon Washington. No team outside of possibly Detroit added impact players the way Seattle has.


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