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Seahawks 19 - Falcons 17
Seahawks 24 - Raiders 19
Seahawks 13 - Colts 15
Seahawks 20 - 49ers 3

Regular Season:

Seahawks 7 - Chargers 29
Seahawks 20 - Broncos 30
Seahawks 17 - Chiefs 35
Seahawks 17 - Bucs 13
Seahawks 10 - Packers 31
Seahawks 22 - Dolphins 15
Seahawks 16 - Chiefs 34
Seahawks 32 - Chargers 13
Seahawks 23 - Oilers 16
Seahawks 42 - Vikings 23

Seahawks 16 - Lions 17
Seahawks 21 - Raiders 27
Seahawks 7 - Broncos 34
Seahawks 26 - Bills 18
Seahawks 13 - Jaguars 20
Seahawks 28 - Raiders 21

Division Standings:

Denver - 13 wins, 3 losses
Kansas City - 9 wins, 7 losses
San Diego - 8 wins, 8 losses
Oakland - 7 wins, 9 losses
Seattle - 7 wins, 9 losses

Preseason: 3 wins, 1 loss

SEAHAWKS 19 - Falcons 17
Want to know what a die hard fan I am??? The only way to catch the game was to read joec's play-by-play over the chat! (A fan's gotta do what a fan's gotta do!!) It was exciting to win our first game, even though it was 'only' preseason!!

SEAHAWKS 24 - Raiders 19
First game of the season that I got to watch on TV! We were AWESOME!! Two of the screen plays were textbook beautiful!! I loved seeing Coach Erickson's enthusiasm as players came off the field. Starting to get optimistic about our upcoming year!!

SEAHAWKS 13 - Colts 15
Thanks to First Down, I was able to listen to the game over Real Audio while chatting with fellow Seahawk friends! What a season this will be! Denis was at the game and says we are play-off bound!! Music to my ears!! Incidentally, we lost by a long field goal in the last seconds of the game. This game easily could have been ours...!

SEAHAWKS 20 - 49ers 3
I got to watch this game on satellite! With the first string in, we held the 49er offense to only 3 points on a long field goal in the first half. What does THAT say about our SEAHAWKS, hmmmmm????!!

Regular Season: 7 wins, 9 [extremely devastating] losses

SEAHAWKS 7 - Chargers 29
What an ugly game. I am so disappointed in my beloved Seahawks... Tez, you did us proud. Carlester Crumpler, you had some great plays. Rick...well...you let me down, bud...

SEAHAWKS 20 - Broncos 30
Aaauuuggghhh... I'm focusing on only the positive. Joey Galloway's spectacular 88 yard touchdown; Sinclair's 4 sacks; DAR-RYL's fumble recovery and interception (though neither counted); Blades' 500th reception; and Broussard's great kick off returns.

SEAHAWKS 17 - Chiefs 35
What can I say? Sinclair had 3 more great sacks, one of which ended up in a fumble recovery for Seattle - he now leads the NFL in sacks; Broussard had an excellent run; Peterson tied the Seahawk record for the most consecutive field goals kicked (14); Warren's 28 yard run was beautiful. And yet we lost again...

SEAHAWKS 17 - Bucs 13
And to think I nearly turned the game off at half time...! Mirer, I don't know how you did it but...Thank You! Blades, those were some beautiful 4th quarter receptions! (*smack*, I love ya, man!) Who called the play for Lamar Smith to run the ball up the middle for the game winning TOUCHDOWN??? Amazing...! This was not a pretty game, but it's a WIN! Thanks, Seahawks!!! We needed this victory! (Note: Did you all see the replay of the Zorn to Largent Touchdown??? Ahhhh, the memories...! Beautiful!)

SEAHAWKS 10 - Packers 31
Green Bay did not beat us. Rick Mirer beat us. His errors are unforgivable. By the way, Rick, Eugene Robinson is no longer a Seahawk. I know that's a cryin' shame, but DON'T THROW THE BALL TO HIM...
Chris, you found your running game! Way to go!! Fauria, you had some great receptions! Good job! Broussard, I'm not sure why we don't utilize you more...you always look like you WANT to make things happen. I saw major improvement on offense! Tez and Sinclair...two great sacks! DAR-RYL...great hit on the first play of the game! Defense was TOUGH!! I'm VERY proud of our defensive players!! Green Bay didn't make big plays happen, they just took advantage of what Rick handed to them on a silver platter.

SEAHAWKS 22 - Dolphins 15
Ooooohhhh, Baby....VICTORY IS SWEET!!!!! I don't even know where to begin...! Blades, Galloway - thanks for a stunning performance!! Lamar Smith - good running game, including the 2 pt. conversion! Defensive line - GREAT sacks!! Tez...you earned the title of AFC Defensive Player of the Week! Too cool! Blackmon - MANY good tackles! DAR-RYL - you 'bout got another interception and had some killer hits! Wells - your name was popping up all the time! Great game! And Mr. Friesz...YOU DID IT!!!!!! And you did it WELL! You were an integral part of our TEAM effort. Yeah, our TEAM effort. That's worth saying again! -- WE WON!! WE WON!! WE WON!!!

SEAHAWKS 16 - Chiefs 34
We gave Kansas City seven first downs by penalty. Ouch. Our defense was less than effective. We had some spectacular plays on offense, though not consistently enough to get points on the board. Disappointing? Yes. I was there.
Care to look at the game from a different perspective?? Try that of the little 8 year old boy sitting behind me. His first NFL game. Decked in a Chief's jersey, a Chief's jacket, and a Chief's hat. Add sparkling, mischievous eyes and a smile that would warm any heart. And a gentle, disciplined disposition. I can't tell you how happy I am for this boy that his team won! What a memory for a young man...!
Another perspective?? Try that of this Seahawk fan from Kansas, who was among the first to enter Arrowhead Stadium, nearly sick with excitement over the chance to see her beloved Seahawks. Seeking out fellow fans (and there weren't many of us there...), we crowded around the tunnel where players enter the field, hoping for a close-up glimpse of our heroes. We got more. Players took time before warm-up to autograph our game books. They posed for photographs. Do you know what a thrill it was for me to have the opportunity to personally talk to our players and coaches and wish them well? My apparent giddiness resulted in a genuine smile and a wink from Chris Warren. I will NEVER forget it!
Yeah, the scoreboard says we lost again. But in my heart, as fans and players, WE'RE WINNERS!!!! Don't you forget it...!

SEAHAWKS 32 - Chargers 13
Was that a GRIN, or what??? :) What a fun game for anyone who loves Seahawk football!! The entire Seattle Seahawk roster was showcased! Not one receiver or one defender won the game, but every player!!! NEVER have I seen a better display of TEAMWORK (led by John Friesz)!!! This is a very PROUD moment for our team!!! I LOVE THE SEAHAWKS!!!!!

SEAHAWKS 23 - Oilers 16
Never give up hope, fellow Seahawk fans!!!! WE DID IT!!! Still reeling!!! What a finish!!! McCrary - WOW! You not only blocked the field goal, you had the presence of mind to follow through to recover the ball, and THEN, after ALL THAT, pass it to Blackmon for the game winning TOUCHDOWN!!! What's that say about TEAMWORK???? I'm SO impressed!!! Woo Hoo, SEAHAWKS!!!
Congrats to John Friesz for a 300+ game!! Was that an audible to Pritchard on that beeeeautiful one-handed reception??? INCREDIBLE! Saw excellent plays on defense! Too many players, both offense and defense, to mention them all! Once again, GREAT team effort!!! WAY TO GO, SEAHAWKS!!! LOVE YOU!!!

SEAHAWKS 42 - Vikings 23
So this is how it feels to dominate an entire game, huh?!?!? Fascinating! Seahawk fans don't experience a RELAXING game often!!! Baby, when we're on, WE'RE ON!!!!!!! *smiling*
Blades was out with a separated shoulder but we didn't miss a beat with Galloway and Proehl! Warren was coming back from his ankle injury from last week, but still made a good showing! His numbers would have been better if we hadn't been penalized on a couple of good runs. And who made that guest appearance in the fourth quarter...Mr. Rick Mirer????? *speechless*
Defense was TOUGH! Turnovers were a key factor and made for an exciting game! Scoring 15 points in 44 seconds...HOW SWEET IT IS! Thanks, guys, for a GREAT day!!!!

SEAHAWKS 16 - Lions 17
Close doesn't count. It does, however, hurt.
What a performance from Lamar Smith!! Incredible numbers...148 yards! Wow! Is he fun to watch, or what??? McKnight...a 73 yard play to start off the second half! A good omen? Apparently not....we couldn't get into the end zone. Three times within the 10 yard line we settled for field goals...that doesn't win football games. That doesn't cut it in the NFL. *sigh*
Defense started out great, holding the Lions to 3 and out, 3 and out, and 3 and out! "A walk in the park"...that's what the announcers said. What happened??? (I know, I know...Barry Sanders happened...) Tez, McCrary - great sacks.
As for Peterson, well, I wouldn't have wanted to be in his shoes, but that's his job. Heroes ride, goats walk. Today he walks.

SEAHAWKS 21 - Raiders 27
I'm sooooo disappointed. This was a game we could have won. Like last week, it is so frustrating to get close to the end zone, only to come away with a field goal. It should be a 'sure thing'....and yet we can't seem to punch it in. That's a hard pill to swallow.
Regardless of the outcome, you've got to hand it to Joey Galloway for a couple of spectacular receptions!! This guy IS a superstar! How he came down with the 42 yard reception at the 2 yard line I'll never know!! INCREDIBLE! Hey...Warren's stiff-arm is back! Did you see it on the play that set us up for the field goal that took us to 13 points??? He also ran in a touchdown and scored the 2 pt. conversion! GO CHRIS! Great game!
Rick Mirer -- can't blame this loss on Rick. Yes, he had a fumble early in the game that led to a Raider touchdown, but Rick was under a lot of pressure and sometimes under those circumstances a mistake is going to happen. He was scrambling to make things happen...as he did successfully several other times throughout the afternoon. I was pleased with his performance, as well as his attitude on the field. We are lucky to have him on our team.
Another bitter loss...a gloomy shadow over any play-off chances we may have had. I'm bummed...

SEAHAWKS 7 - Broncos 34
Where is our heart? Where is our desire? Where is our will to win? I wish the Seahawk players believed in themselves as much as I believe in them... We have so much talent...WHY can't we pull it all together???
Denver is good. In addition to being good, they're lucky. Whether they create the luck or whether it just happens, it seems to me that everything goes their way. That's obviously unfortunate for their opponents. They outplayed us and the score accurately represents this game. :-(

SEAHAWKS 26 - Bills 18
Nine sacks! WOW! Five turnovers! WOW! What a game...!
DAR-RYL!! DAR-RYL!! DAR-RYL!! Was Darryl Williams spectacular or what??? Two interceptions and one fumble recovery in addition to some really hard hits and good tackles! Way to go, DAR-RYL!!
How 'bout that beautiful pass from Rick Mirer to Joey Galloway for 27 yards and a touchdown?!?!? Awesome! How 'bout that great run by Ricky Proehl after his reception which gained 56 yards?!?!?!? Sweet! Hey Chris...here's a wink for you ;-) for that 51 yard run!! Loved it!!!
This is what Seahawk football is all about to me! To note all the players who contributed to this game, well, I'd have to list them all! Many good plays from many great players! Yes, we still had trouble getting into the end zone for touchdowns; I don't like it when we have to settle for field goals. But this time it was enough, and it feels sooooo good! Thank you, Seahawks!! Thank you for giving your fans some bragging rights this week!!!
I am physically and emotionally exhausted. Yes, we were ahead the whole way, but I didn't relax until the game was over! I wanted this win so much! WE DID IT!!! Thanks, guys!!!

SEAHAWKS 13 - Jaguars 20
Okay, it's a week after the game and I FINALLY managed to get over our defeat. I can't believe how personally I took the loss...I can't believe I had such a horrible attitude all week.
BUT NOW...it's game day again...in a few short hours we play the Raiders. It's our last chance this season to show the world what the Seahawks are all about. We CAN get past the red zone and into the END ZONE! We CAN win!! We CAN be proud of our Seahawks!!
So I ask of you, TRUE Seahawk fans...don't give up!! Cheer on our team as if it were for the Superbowl!!! Root for Joey Galloway to get his 1000 yard record!! Put the QB controversy behind us and stand behind Stan Gelbaugh! Hope for great plays so we'll have good memories to carry us through the off-season. But most of all, JUST WIN, BABY! JUST WIN!!

SEAHAWKS 28 - Raiders 21
How sweet can a victory be??? Oh, sooooooo sweet!!!
Talk about rising above adversity! Exactly who is the QB for the Seahawks?!?!? Today, Torretta, and somehow he got the job done without making big mistakes!! Whew!
Our defense was awesome! We held the Raiders to field goals FOUR times! I lost count of how many times we recovered fumbles! Got a few sacks in there...(way to go McCrary!) Got an interception! What a job by our defense!!
Our offense wasn't spectacular but they came through for us when we needed them!! One touchdown for Joey Galloway, two for Lamar Smith plus the two point conversion!! McKnight was AWESOME! We scored points by getting touchdowns, not settling for field goals, and that's what put the WIN in our column!!!
I wanted desperately to win this game! I wanted to end the season on a positive note, and WE DID IT!!!! I am very proud of the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!