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Mr. Irrelevant

If the NFL can have one, the Seahawks can, too!

On April 24, 2005, the Seattle Times declared that Doug Nienhuis was "the runner-up to Mr Irrelevant" after becoming the second-last overall draft pick in 2005.

At Becky's Place, no Seahawk has EVER been anywhere near close to irrelevant!

This web page is a celebration of the so called Mr. Irrelevants of the Seattle Seahawks ... the last guy to be picked by the Seahawks in each draft.

DraftedPlayerWhat we know...
2012Greg ScruggsThere is no better candidate for this year's pick. doesn't even list his height and weight. Excellent article here.
2011Malcolm SmithWho says the last round draft pick is irrelevant? Not the people who voted Malcolm Smith the MVP of Super Bowl XLVIII!!! Well-played, Mr Smith, well-played! (Literally!)
2010Jameson KonzSpent 2010 on injured reserve with a hip injury; placed on injured reserve in October 2011 for an ACL tear.
2009Cameron MorrahPlaced on IR at the start of the 2012 season, then signed with the 49ers and Detroit in 2013.
2008Brandon CoutuDidn't see playing time in 2008 but remained on the squad. Released, re-signed in 2011, released a month later, signed by the Las Vegas Locomotives, then the Jags, then the Bills.
2007Steve VallosSpent 2007 on practice squad; was active 16 games in 2008; played all season in 2009; went to the Browns in 2010-11 and to the Eagles in 2012.
2006Ben ObomanuYou da Obomanu! (Hey, it's just so fun to say!) Ben is a player who was almost always on the bubble during the cuts but managed to hold on, despite injuries. On Injured Reserve 2008 with a broken collarbone. Has been a solid pick as is evidenced by spending 6 years and counting with the Seahawks! Ben was cut by the Hawks in 2013 and signed, released, signed again and released again by the Jets. Seahawks fans still hold Obomanu in high regard and continue to follow his career.
2005Doug Nienhuis 253 draft picks later, WE LIKE HIM! His NFL career spanned 3 years. Seahawks 2005, Jets 2005, Texans 2006, and Broncos 2006-2007.
2004Donnie Jones, Jr. Wrote a book, started a foundation to help kids, played for Miami.
2003Taco Wallace 4 games in 3 years; one for the Packers. Released from the Seahawks 8/29/06. Go State!
2002Jeff Kelly 1 1/2 years in Seattle; Head football coach at Satsuma High School, Ala.
2001Kris Kocurek Played for the Titans in 2001 and 2002.
2000John Hilliard Played for the Seahawks for three years, playing in all 16 games in 2001.
1999Steve Johnson  
1998Jason McEndoo  
1997Carlos Jones Signed with Amsterdam in the NFLE in 1999 but did not play any games.
1996Johnie Church  
1995Keif Bryant  
1994Carlester Crumpler With a name like that how can you go wrong?! We all loved Carlester Crumpler! He played for the Seahawks through 1998 and then went to the Vikings for a year. He then became a Vice President for Bank of America. Always a fan favorite, one of my friends once told me he named his cat Carlester Crumpler! Now that's a compliment!
1993Antonio Edwards Nothing irrelevant about Mr. Edwards! He played for the Seahawks up to 1997, then went to the Giants, the Falcons, the Panthers and finally the Las Vegas Outlaws of the XFL. He then went on to be a D-line college coach in Richmond, Virginia.
1992John MacNeill Traded to NY Jets
1991Ike Harris  
1990John Gromos  
1989R.J. Kors Played 16 games in 1991 and 14 games in 1992 for the NY Jets; played 7 games in 1993 for Cincinnati
1988Dave DesRochers  
1987Tony Burse  
1986John McVeigh  
1985Louis Cooper  
1984Theodis Windham,  
1983Don Dow  
1982Frank Naylor  
1981Jeff Bednarek We will never say any Seahawks is irrelevant, but it's a little scary when a Google search brings this up for Jeff: This player does not have any statistics...! We love you, Mr Bednarek!
1980Presnell Gilbert  
1979Jeff Moore  
1978Jeff Bergeron  
1977I.V. Wilson  
1976Chris Rowland Please visit our Spirit site for info on all 1976 players!