This is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but please check your ticket and/or local media guides for dates, times and location of games.

2009 Preseason
DateOpponentTime (PT)
August 15 Seahawks 20 - San Diego 14
Mora's first Seahawks victory
August 22Seahawks 27 - Denver 13
Mora's first home victory, but a couple of serious injuries.
August 29Seahawks 14 - Kansas City 10
I was there! GREAT tailgate party! SO much fun!
September 3-4Seattle 31 - Oakland 21
Always a pleasure to beat the Raiders!
2009 Regular Season
DateOpponentTime (PT)
Sun, Sept. 13 Seattle Seahawks 28 - St. Louis Rams 0
A first half full of fumbles, INTs, penalties and a trick play!
Game Balls: TE John Carlson, CB Josh Wilson and LB Lance Laury
Sun, Sept. 20Seattle Seahawks 10 - San Francisco 49ers 23
Hasselbeck fractures rib; Gore has 2 huge TDs against us.
Sun, Sept. 27Seattle Seahawks 19 - Chicago Bears 25
A couple different officiating decisions and this game would have been ours.
Sun, Oct. 4 Seattle Seahawks 17 - Indianapolis Colts 34
We were thoroughly spanked. Injuries played a part, but we were no match for the Colts.
Sun, Oct. 11Seattle Seahawks 41 - Jacksonville Jaguars 0
Hasselbeck is back and we totally dominated!
Game Balls: DE Tapp, QB Hasselbeck, WR Obomanu
Sun, Oct. 18Seattle Seahawks 3 - Arizona Cardinals 27
AZ scored 2 TD's before our offense took the field. Our O-line was missing. We were totally outclassed today.
Sun, Nov. 1Seattle Seahawks 17 - Dallas Cowboys 38
We were outplayed the whole game. Sad times.
Sun, Nov. 8 Seattle Seahawks 32 - Detroit Lions 20
Touted as a game we must win, we did. That doesn't exactly make us Super Bowl champs.
Sun, Nov. 15 Seattle Seahawks 20 - Arizona Cardinals 31
The Cards were on a roll; we were not.
Sun, Nov. 22 Seattle Seahawks 9 - Minnesota Vikings 35
I don't think anyone gave us a chance against a Viking team that is very talented this year. No surprise here.
Sun, Nov. 29 Seattle Seahawks 27 - St. Louis Rams 21
And the Rams continue to struggle. This almost feels like a guilty win.
Sun, Dec. 6 Seattle Seahawks 20 - San Francisco 49ers 17
Won in the final seconds with some excellent play and a field goal! This one felt good!!!
Sun, Dec. 13Seattle Seahawks 7 - Houston Texans 34
Just sad.
Sun, Dec. 20 Seattle Seahawks 7 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24
It doesn't get any worse than this.
Sun, Dec. 27 Seattle Seahawks 10 - Green Bay Packers 48
Did I say it doesn't get worse?
Sun, Jan. 3 Seattle Seahawks 7 - Tennessee Titans 13
And within a few days, Mora was fired. The end of a short-lived era. Sad times.