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2009 Seattle Seahawks Draft Picks
Rd 1, Pick 4 (4)
Aaron Curry, OLB
6'2" 254
Wake Forest
Rd 2, Pick 5 (37)
Traded to Broncos
for #1 pick in 2010
Rd 2, Pick 17 (49)
Max Unger, OT
6'5" 309
Oregon (From Bears)
Rd 3, Pick (68)
Traded to Bears
Rd 3, Pick 27 (91)
Deon Butler, WR
5'10" 182
Penn State
From Giants through Eagles
Rd 4, Pick (105)
Traded to Bears
Rd 5, Pick (137)
From Detroit for Peterson
Rd 5, Pick (140)
To Denver for Colbert
then to the Bears
Rd 6, Pick 5 (178)
Mike Teel, QB
6'3" 225
Rd 7, Pick (213)
Traded to Eagles
Rd 7, Pick (245)
Courtney Greene, SS
6'0" 212
Rd 7, Pick (247)
Nick Reed, DE
6'2" 245
Rd 7, Pick (248)
Cameron Morrah, TE
6'3" 244

“Football is big in my heart. I love the game of football; I am very passionate when I play, and I’m very passionate when I practice. I’m very passionate about the game when I am just lifting weights, because it is a privilege to be able to play the game of football.” -- Aaron Curry

How did we fare?

Aaron Curry

2009 - Signed a six-year, $60 million contract
2011 - Traded to the Raiders
2012 - Physically unable to perform, waived by Raiders

Max Unger

2009 - Replaced Mansfield Wrotto as center
2012 - Pro Bowl; signed 4 year extension worth $24 million

Deon Butler

2010 - Placed on injured reserve late in season for broken leg
2011 - Physically Unable to Perform for all but final four games
2012 - Waived in August; signed in December

Mike Teel

2010 - Waived May 19, 2010, claimed by the Pats, released after 3 weeks

Courtney Greene

2009 - Traded to the Jags

Nick Reed

2010 - Injury settlement; released
2011 - Signed and waived by Bears
2012 - Signed by Vikings; released by Vikings

Cameron Morrah

2012 - Waived, placed on injured reserve

Draft Day

Today at 3:35pm

WOO HOO!!! Aaron Curry is a Seahawk!!!! GREAT pick! So much for all the Sanchez hype!

Reply #1 - Today at 4:06pm

YEAH!! Our D.C. got an A.C. Now we can play more smashmouth type defense. Now it's on to Round #2 - We've had a great start!! GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

WOW! Did Seattle Pull A Heist On Denver!
Today at 7:06pm

Trading this year's #2 for Denver's #1 next year. Grand Larceny! Denver, without a bona-fide QB this year, could have a pretty dismal season, and thus a HIGH pick in next year's draft.

Could be that next season we will see Seattle select the heir apparent to QB Hasselbeck. Mr. Ruskell now has the ammunition to move around pretty well in that 1st Round to position us for taking such a potential franchise QB if he chooses that route.
Start watching those college teams this season. Way to go Mr. Ruskell, you really fleeced that new GM! GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

WOW! What A Draft Day!
Today at 10:14pm

Seattle had an outstanding draft day after all the dust has settled.

1. Acquired the consensus top def. player prospect in LB A. Curry This also filled a position of want.

2. Acquired a #1 pick in next season's draft in exchange for a 3rd Round pick and a 4th round pick this year. That is outstanding!

3. After trading away our 2nd Round pick - they reacquired a pick in the 2nd Round to get a great value pick in OC Max Unger.

We won't know how this draft works out until after next season's draft and the development of both LB Curry and OC Unger; but at this point it looks to have the potential of being one of the best draft's "Seattle has had since we took OG Hutchinson and RB Alexander. That draft helped put us into a Super-Bowl, and hopefully this one will also.

What an awesome day! GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

Re: WOW! What A Draft Day!
Reply #1 - Today at 10:29pm

Absolutely an A+ draft day for the Seahawks. The guys I wanted. The top defender, and the top center on my list. PLUS, the Raider picks were AWFUL!!!!!