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2006 Seattle Seahawks Draft Picks
Rd 1, Pick 31 (31)
Kelly Jennings
Miami (Fla)
Rd 2, Pick 31 (63)
Darryl Tapp
Def. End
Virginia Tech
Rd 3, Pick 31 (95)
Traded to Minneapolis who traded to Pittsburgh. Hmpf.
Rd 4, Pick 31 (128)
Rob Sims
Ohio State
Rd 5, Pick 31 (163)
David Kirtman
Southern California
Rd 6, Pick 31 (200)
Traded to Chicago
Rd 7, Pick 31 (239)
Ryan Plackemeier
Wake Forest
Rd 7, Pick 41 (249)
Ben Obomanu
Compensatory Selection

How did we fare?

Ben Obomanu

2006 - practice squad
2008 - injured reserve; broken collarbone
2011 - played in 16 games
2013 - released, much to my dismay

David Kirtman

2007 - broken right hand
2008 - practice squad for Chargers, signed with the 49ers, and practiced with the Saints.
2009 - re-signed with the Seahawks and released once again

Ryan Plackemeier

2006 - won the punting job and had a successful season.
2008 - signed with the Redskins.
2009 - claimed off waivers with the Bengals, then waived.

Kelly Jennings

2006 - backup CB.
2008 - put in a good performance this year, showing some maturity
2011 - traded to the Bengals

Rob Sims

2008 - injured reserve
2010 - traded to the Detroit Lions for defensive end Robert Henderson

Darryl Tapp

2010 - traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for Chris Clemons
2013 - Signed with Redskins

Draft day

MOSES Posted: 28 Apr 2006 05:59 pm Post subject: Here is my whole mock draft
Here goes NOTHING:
1st: Ashton Youboty, CB, Ohio State
2nd: Anthony Fasano, TE, Notre Dame
4th: Devin Hester, CB, Miami FL
5th: Brian Iwuh, S, Colorado
7th(a): Brad Butler, OT, Virginia
7th(b): Robin Meadow, OG, Washington
Yes, I DID pick Spencer last year for the Seahawks... in the THIRD ROUND.
Give it a shot.

Sharpclaw Posted: 29 Apr 2006 01:46 am Post subject: First Day Draft Surprise!
1. DE KAMERION WIMBLEY - Florida State
Seattle has no further picks on day one after making a surprise trade to move up and select this player. Mr. Ruskell and the Seahawks finally get their pass-rusher supreme!
P.S. I'm still working in day two of our draft. Much depends on if we can pull off the trade above.

Moses Posted: 29 Apr 2006 08:20 am
I'll go opposite and say we actually trade DOWN this year out of the first round to get maybe two 2's and a 3 or something.

Sharpclaw 29 Apr 2006 11:58 am Post subject: So Far So Good - Pick #11
No CBs off the board yet. With each passing selection Seattle's opportuity of selecting a quality CB is enhanced.

Sharpclaw 29 Apr 2006 02:10 pm Post subject: Well There Goes OG Joseph
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No chance for him any longer.
CBs are picking up now; but there are still some out there.
CB Youtoby still on the board; so the failed test might be true. I thought he would go about now instead of CB Jospeh.
Pass rushers are gone for the most part now also.
Best value might now be at WR, so who knows what Seattle might do at that point if they go BFPA.

Soiled Seahawker 28 Apr 2006 07:08 pm Post subject: NC State Rules the roost!
Mario Williams goes #1
I've gotta give props to the NC State program and the home grown product!
Now that leaves Reggie Bush for us!

Sharpclaw 24 Apr 2006 11:27 pm Post subject: Yikes! Our 1st Round Pick
Enough is enough! Mr. P. Kirwin of continues to keep changing his 1st Round pick for Seattle to the same players I've set forth earlier. First he picked OG Joseph, and now he has changed his preditction to S Whitner. I'm becoming suspicious that I have a leak in my inner circle.
At any rate, I was prepared to hold this off until Friday; but I'm going to put this out there now to put the pressure on Mr. Kirwin and his cohorts at Now let's see what they do come Friday.
Seattle's #1 pick will be: (fanfare please
Seattle FINALLY gets the pass rushing DE that we have been after for so long. It's gong to be a shocker to the Mel Kipers' out there when his name is called, and we will likely here are the 'experts' panning Seattle for this pick much like last year when we selected MLB Tatupu. So much for media pundits. By the end of this NFL season, DE WIMBLEY will be the talk of the town, and how Seattle out-slicked them all once again in the draft. Look out QBs, here comes OLB Peterson from the left side and DE WIMBLEY from the blind-side. It's gonna be something!!

Sharpclaw 25 Apr 2006 09:54 pm Post subject: Seattle Trade Impact?
Now that Seattle has acquired a proven veteran free safety, it would appear that the likelihood of Seattle drafting a safety with their #1 pick is far less likely.
It also seems to indicate that the most current prognosis for FS Hamlin returning to the starting free safety position for 2006 is more positive.
It also appears that Moses' prediction of CB Youboty as our #1 pick is becoming more likely with each passing day.

Sharpclaw 26 Apr 2006 03:31 pm Post subject: DE Wimbley - Yikes!
There is a report today that says the K.C. Chiefs would like to draft DE Wimbley; however, they do not believe he will last until their 20th overall pick.
If true, then the likelihood of DE Wimbley lasting on the board until our pick at #31 now appear very remote.
Another pass-rusher prospect that MIGHT still be on the board at the time we select, and could be of interest would be DE MANNY LAWSON of N.C. State; however, he too has drawn a lot of interest from many teams selecting ahead of us.
It could well be that both the DE and CB position will be depleted of top prospects when we select, and Seattle will simply select the BFPA at that point. You cannot pass up superior talent just to draft for want.

Sharpclaw 26 Apr 2006 11:33 pm Post subject: Latest Rumor On Seattle's #1 Pick
WR Chad Jackson of Florida.
Source: Rick Gosselein of Dallas Morning News. Historically, he has been the most successful of all the print media in forecasting the draft. He has excellent sources throughout the NFL.
Sounded improbable to me; however, it does follow the BFPA selection criteria. WR is not a 'hot' position this year, with most teams targeting the DBs and pass-rushers. As a result WR Jackson may fall down the board much further than his overall rating would indicate. If he was still on the board at #31, it might just be a logical BFPA selection. Mr. Ruskell surprised many last season with the selection of OC C. Spencer as the BFPA, so another such pick just might not be all that our of character.
We'll see on Saturday if Mr. Gosselien's sources are once again accurate.

Moses 27 Apr 2006 08:42 pm
If this happens, I am fine with it. Chad was #1 on my WR list, things I read like:
"Willing to go over the middle"
"Has the size and strength to beat jams"
"Turns short passes into big gains"
Hey, as long as the #1 pick for us is not a kicker, running back, or quarterback... it's all good !

Sharpclaw 28 Apr 2006 12:19 am Post subject: P.P.S. Rumors On Seattle's #1 Pick
1. Sounds like CB K. JENNINGS is Seattle's preferred CB over CB Youboty, etc. if they stay at #31 and their likely selection.
2. Sounds like Cleveland is pretty well set to select DE Wimbley with the 12th overall pick. IF he's still on the board at #18 (Dallas) a trade with Seattle just might happen, as Dallas would project OG Joseph with that pick and that value of contract as a replacement for OG Allen. Seattle would have to give Dallas their #2 pick as the keystone of an involved trade. Some in Seattle are reportadly VERY HIGH on DE Kimbley.