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2000 Seattle Seahawks Draft Picks
Rd 1, Pick 19
Running Back, Alabama
From Dallas for Galloway
Rd 1, Pick 22
Offensive Tackle
Rd 2, Pick 21
Defensive Back
Virginia Tech
Rd 3, Pick 18
Wide Receiver
Rd 3, Pick 24
From Dallas for Galloway
Traded to SF for
Rd 4 #25 & Rd 5 #25
Rd 4, Pick 22
Rd 4, Pick 25
Linebacker, Harvard
From WA thru SF
Rd 5, Pick 22
Traded to Green Bay
for CB Fred Vinson
& 6th Rd #19 pick
Rd 5, Pick 25
From WA thru SF
Traded to Denver
for Rd 6, #19
Rd 6, Pick 9
Wide Receiver
Rd 6, Pick 19
Defensive Linesman, Rowan
From Ahman Green Trade (GB)
Rd 6, Pick 24
Defensive Linesman
Mississippi State

After the fact, 2008
Shaun Alexander was traded to the Redskins.

Darrell Jackson signed with the Broncos.

After the fact, 2007
Ike Charlton practiced with the Detroit Lions, signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Darrell Jackson signed with the 49ers.

Isaiah Kacyvenski was with the Raiders in the off-season.

After the fact, 2006
Shaun Alexander lost several games to injury, allowing Maurice Morris to carry the ball in his place.

Darrell Jackson lost several games to injury as well, though flourished when healthy.

Isaiah Kacyvenski was claimed off waivers when he was deactivated, even though Seattle wanted to resign him to the practice squad as soon as he cleared waivers. In an upsetting move, the Rams claimed him just prior to the Seahawks/Rams game in St. Louis. Depsite his insider information as to our game plan, the Seahawks beat the Rams.

After the fact, 2005
Shaun Alexander. MVP of the NFL. What award didn't he win this season!? Phenomenal. He had improved work ethic, terrific skills, great leadership, and Mack Strong to do his blocking! Uh-huh!

Darrell Jackson had an injury plagued year in which he required knee surgery. He missed a lot of playing during which the back-ups filled in sufficiently enough to get us well on our way to the playoffs and to put some doubt into our minds as to whether or not Darrell Jackson would have a starting position when he regained his health. He did, he stood up to the challenge, and it was a win/win all the way around!

Kaz seems to spend an awful lot of time "on the bubble" in the pre-season, but yet again he made it through to this season on the wings of Special Teams. He continues to be a real go-getter, fearing none, and bringing enthusiasm to the corps. Always a fan favorite, we love Kaz!

James Williams was the punt return man towards the end of the 2005 season, however after muffing some plays in the play-offs he was benched in favor of Warrick. I felt bad for Jimmy because he really only had one bad game, although it was a really bad game. It didn't seem to phase him all that much, as he came out the next week for the Championship game against the Panthers with a hard hitting special teams play! GOOD FOR Jimmy!

Ike Charlton practiced with the Patriots and signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

After the fact, 2004
Ike Charlton practiced with the Raiders.

After the fact, 2003
Chris McIntosh retired in 2003 due to a recurring neck injury.

Ike Charlton signed with the Giants.

After the fact, 2002
Ike Charlton signed with the Jaguars.