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1999 Draft Picks
Rd 1, Pick 17
Traded to New Eng
for 1st (#20), 3rd (#82)
& 6th (#191) rd picks
Rd 1, Pick 20
Traded to Dallas
for 1st (#22) & 5th
(#140) rd picks
Rd 1, Pick 22
6'3" 299 lb. DE
Saginaw Valley, MI
Rd 3, Pick 16
6'4" 227 lb. QB
Rd 3, Pick 21
5'11" 197 lb. WR
Auburn (pick from NE)
Rd 4, Pick 20
6'3" 297 lb. DL
Rd 5, Pick 7
6'5" 333 lb. OL, Penn St
(Pick from Car thru Dal)
Rd 5, Pick 19
5'9" 180 lb. RB
Georgia Tech
Rd 6, Pick 1
5'9" 185 lb. DB
Rd 6, Pick 18 & 22
Rd 6, Pick 22 from
NE; both were
traded for Rd 6, Pick 1

After the fact, 2005
Gone. All the picks above are gone. How sad is that?

Brock Huard is doing media work in the Seattle area and shows up around the club regularly.

Antonio Cochran signed with Arizona.

After the fact, 2004
Lamar King was signed by Tampa Bay and spent the year on IR.

Brock Huard re-signed with the Seahawks.

After the fact, 2003
Charlie Rogers signed with the Dolphins.

After the fact, 2002
Brock Huard signed with the Colts.

Charlie Rogers signed with the Bills.

After the fact, 2000
Lamar King has a friend for life! After I was fortunate enough to meet him at the game in Charlotte, he has my loyalty forever and ever! What a nice young man with wonderfully kind and proud parents! I don't care what he does on the field, he's a very nice young man!

From the In-Box on ... Trading our Picks

To be quite honest, we are in really good shape as far as personnel are concerned. I guess who we might be looking for will still be there at the 20th pick, and we lost the 2nd round for Holmgren, so the extra picks can help us out.

This is definitely not as pulse pounding as it has been in the past. Kinda miss those blockbuster picks, but you never know!

Hi! Been listening to the draft on XTRA 690. Lee Hamilton is broadcasting from Seau's Restaurant in San Diego with the other talk show hosts on that station. They're saying that Holmgren is doing a great job with the trades. He dropped 5 picks in the first round and picked up three whole draft picks. Not sure about drafting the guy from a small college, though. Not too many of them can make the jump to the NFL, but then again....who knows more about this, me or Holmgren?

All I can say is..........WOW! What a great move by Holmgren. What a guru.

I think there may be more to come. The Patriots were desperate to get the guy I like - Damion Woody. However, Holmgren is a great evaluator of talent in later rounds and we should be okay. When you get into this part of the 1st round, one enters into a slighter lower level of impact-type players. We'll see when our picks our made if it is a good move. I am surprised that we do not yet have a second round pick.

Well, so far, they did as was predicted by the Seattle-PI: They traded down from 17th to 22nd (23rd) and drafted bulk to shore up their DL core. I don't know if they got a #2 in the trade or not, as I was out when it (the Hawk's pick) took place. They did draft the DE from Saginaw Valley State (A Div II school) which was expected.

Well, no second round pick yet. I heard Holmgren on radio and has a couple more players targeted. Did you hear John Friesz is going to the Patriots in a two-year deal? Lots of trades and transactions today. The key word today is "Quarterbacks" with Eric Zeier and Tony Banks being traded also. We need another QB with only a couple quality ones left on the board.

I guess there won't be any Torry Holt. I loved watching him play. One hell of a work ethic, and a great guy all around. I think he would've done well in Seattle. Maybe Troy Edwards (?)......

I was a little disappointed in the draft, but I guess we did alright for the picks we had, I would have liked a better pick on the OL, to pass up Damien Woody I think was a mistake, we need a great young center.

As you might know by now, the Hawks traded two 6th rounds picks for the no. 1 6th round pick. The three picks today are marginally good. Holmgren's first draft was a very good draft. On paper, I rate it a "B".

The OL from Penn State is intriguing. He was projected to be one of the top 5 linemen in this draft but suffered a severe leg injury. Appears to be in good shape now but one more injury to that leg and he's through. It's worth the gamble though.

We'll wait and see what rookie free agents we sign. Sometimes you can find a hidden gem that way. We've had a few of them.

From the In-Box on ... Lamar King

Well.....Holmgren got a player he wanted. King plays both DE and DT, a very versatile player. This is a very good pick.

Did we need another defensive end? I'm happy to get another great one........but I thought we were hunting for a O-lineman?

From the In-Box on ... Brock Huard

I am a Husky fan and season ticket holder. I am thankful the Husky coaching staff has changed and along with that change we also got rid of Brock. Wow! Now I read in this morning's paper that the Seahawks picked him up in the 3rd round. Good Lord, I had high hopes that Holmgren was intelligent and we would have a winning team and I would actually put off cutting the grass and watch them on TV or spend millions of $$ going to an actual game. I now have real doubts about the seriousness of our Seahawks doing well if these are the types of decisions that will be made as we trip towards some kind of title. What's the deal? Brock is weak, his legs and ankles are weak, he telegraphs his passes, he whines a lot, he had disdain for his fan critics as a Husky when they (us) booed him. Come on Holmgren.....

Sorry to rain on your fan parade, but this draft disappoints me. This is only my humble opinion.

From the In-Box on ... Rufus French

I am a Rufus French fan, which now makes me a Seahawk fan. I've always liked the Seahawks since Zorn and Largent, and Company. Anyway, just go to Yahoo and type in "Rufus French". You'll get all kinds of stuff!!! This is what I know. Mel Kiper had him as the #35 best pick in the draft until they found out at the combine that his shoulder was injured. After that his stock dropped. Here's the thing, though... He played all last year on an injured shoulder. He made "Kellen Winslow" type catches all year. He is a play maker. The Seattle paper really ticked me off too!!!!!!! They stated he was ALL-SEC as a Sophomore. This is true, but he was also all sec his junior year. He was also everyones all-American this year. That's selling the guy who will be the best pass catching TE inthe AFC since Kellen Winslow a little short. This guy is for real, I promise!!!!!A good link is