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    Friday - Pioneer Square, Pikes Place Market, Australian Rules Football
    Saturday - Pikes Place Market, Seattle Public Library, Fremont District, SeahawkSal's family reunion at F.X. McRory's
    Sunday - Seahawks breakfast, Raible/Sando book signing, views from the sidelines during the warm-ups, DAVE KRIEG, CHUCK KNOX, and the rest of the Game Day!
    Selected Shots - These are the cream of the crop taken by Karyn and Craig of the entire weekend; lots of shots of Dave Krieg!
    Selected Shots II - These are the cream of the crop taken by Pat of the entire weekend; lots of shots of Game Day!
    Summerfield Suites - I started out with a courtyard suite and ended up with a corner suite. I thought I'd share the rooms with you in case you're planning to travel to Seattle anytime soon.
Travel Essay

This is a work in progress but I'm willing to give you a sneak preview as the story unfolds. I honestly don't know that it would be interesting to anyone but me but if you've got some time to spare and enjoy reading, have at it!

Thank yous

I don't even know where to begin with the thank you's for my trip to Seattle! There were so many hits and highlights, and so many people who were exceptionally kind to me.

    Karyn, Craig, Pat
    I'm so proud to call you my friends! THANK YOU for everything!

    Dave Krieg
    I will never forget the thrills of this weekend and I'm so proud you've taken your rightful place in the Ring of Honor!

    New Yawk Seahawker
    You're the next inductee into my Fans' Ring of Honor! Your graciousness and generosity in sharing the fun are world class!

    Mike D.
    You opened your home to me. (Or did I just barge in on my own?!) Your hospitality was appreciated.

    Kiltman, Mr. & Mrs. Seahawk, PaintedHawk, Cannonball
    HOLY COW!!! You guys ROCK the stadium! Thanks for the chant on the field!

    You're lovable and full of energy! You do the 'hawks proud!

    Paul Johns
    For your patience and sense of humor, thank you!

    Mike Flood
    It was a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for inviting me to sit down for a chat. I enjoyed it so much!

    You're so warm and welcoming! Thanks to everyone whose path I crossed for your kindness. I LOVE SEATTLE!!!

    My immediate family
    Thanks for your willingness to take care of things while I'm away, and for the hugs and smiles upon my return!

    * The Seahawk Family *
    For always encouraging me.

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